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Copy a Previous Invitation

There will be times that you need to copy an invitation that you have sent out before. Or you need to copy and edit a previous invite as there has been an update since your last invitation. Follow these simple steps.


Step 1: Click on the yellow Invite Delegates lozenge


Step 2: Click on the copy button


Step 3: Select the list that you want to send this list to – or de-select all lists if you are not sure at this stage who you are sending it to


Step 4: Name your invite – date stamps are useful here


Step 5: Make sure that the following is correct:

  1. Email Subject
  2. From Name
  3. From Email Address
  4. Wording for decline screen
  5. Message displayed when users decline


Step 6: Press the next button


Step 7: Make any changes to the invite text that you need and press Next


Step 8: Check all this information is correct and make any necessary changes.


Step 9: If you want to exit and come back to the email at a later stage, press Exit. Otherwise follow these steps on sending an invite.

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