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How to set-up, preview and edit a blog

To preview the blog:

1)      Log into the CMS area for the website

2)      Click the ‘Pages’ tab

3)      Scroll to the bottom of the list, you should see an entry with the page name of ‘Blog’

4)      Click the blue icon in the ‘Preview’ Column

5)      The blog page should open in a new tab (the url will include the term &preview=true)

Please note you will need to be logged into the CMS area to preview the page


To add/edit a blog post

1)      Log into the CMS area of the website

2)      Click the ‘Blog’ tab on the navigation bar

3)      The blog dashboard will be displayed

4)      Click ‘Create a Blog Post’ to add a new post, or click ‘Edit blog post’ to edit an existing post


Create a Blog Post

5)    Add a title for the post

6)    The ‘Post Code’ should auto generate (this needs to be unique and cannot be the same as a previous post)

7)    Change the author to who-ever you want the post to be authored by (the list is taken from the system ‘Users’ list)

8)    Add an image to display at the top of the post (this is not mandatory)

9)    Add the content to the text editor

10)  Add a meta description for the post (this should be a short paragraph describing the post to intice people to read the content)

11)  Add a comma separated list of any keywords/tags you want to assign to the post in the tags box i.e. Video, TV, Film, Media, Digital Publication etc.

12)  Click the published tick box

13)  Choose if you want to allow people to comment on the blog using the comments select box

14)  Click submit


Edit a blog

15)  Click the yellow button in the edit column for the post you want to edit

16)  Complete the details as required in the post form

17)  Click submit


When you are ready for the blog to be made available to the public:

1)      Go to the ‘Pages’ tab

2)      Scroll to the bottom of the page list and find the item with the page name of Blog

3)      Click the yellow icon in the edit column

4)      Scroll to the bottom of the page and tick the ‘Include in navigation’ tick box and make sure the ‘Published?’ tick box is ticked

5)      Click submit

6)      The Blog tab will be displayed in the website’s navigation bar

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