1 to 1 Networking - 1 to 1 Networking


Onsite we usually print off the delegates diary cards and attach to their badges. We also print a list of the meeting times for use at the partnering desk.

Also please note when onsite we recommend that you have someone on a partnering helpdesk to ensure delegates know where to go.


Step 1: In the dashboard screen click on the 1 to 1 Networking Chevron .


Step 2: In the partnering admin area, click the chevron that says “Delegate diary cards PDF” and the chevron that says “Meetings by time CSV”


Partnering Screen


Step 3: The files will download to your computer for you to print off before the event.


Step 4: Once downloaded you can click on the open pdf file and then press control F you can search for that individual delegates card and print that card selecting print current page only. This is very helpful if a delegate has does not have their card.


Partnering Example CSV


Step 5: Print off the partnering report which can be found in the partnering report section of the Help Information.

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