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Onsite Checkin

Does the system support checkin?

Yes, we have a dedicated application for this purpose that is fully integrated into REGIE that supports barcode checkin.

1) Simply go to comms centre and select the 'Booked delegates' tab


2) Click the edit button on the Default Confirmation Email (or the email sent to confirm registration)


3) In the body of the email enter the [BARCODE] merge field, as shown in the example below


4) Click save/submit 

5) A barcode will now be included in your confirmation email similar to the below:


6) Using the link  https://app.ya-yaonline.co.uk/onsite/ you will be able to login and bulk print badges, search for delegates and print invidiual badges.

Please see the Onsite section for more information on the Onsite App. 

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