1 to 1 Networking - 1 to 1 Networking

Setting Partnering Blocks

How to create the blocks of time during the day when 1 to 1 Networking will take place.


Step 1: Click Update Blocks in the 1 to 1 Networing Screen and the following screen appears


Partnering Blocks Screen


Step 2: Select the date you want delegates to partner onsite in the Block Date drop down menu.


Step 10: Set the time you would like the first meeting to begin in the block first meeting box.

Note If you want delegates to attend your keynote session at 10am to 10.30 then you would select blocks at 9am-10am and 10.30-6pm. This will mean your delegates will not be able to make meetings between 10-10.30am.


Step 3: Set the time you would like the last meeting to finish in the block last meeting box.

Note The meeting lengths you assigned in the original partnering screen will take place within these blocks. 

i.e. If meetings are 15 mins and you set the block to be 10:00 -11:00 then 4 meeting slots will be created


Step 4: Click the add the block button and then repeat this process for any other blocks you wish to create.


Step 5: To remove a block click the Red Cross next to the block.


Step 6: Once added the blocks are saved so just click the top right cross to exit the screen.

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