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Setting Up Registration Fields

Here you can add, remove and edit registration fields.

Step 1: A number of standard fields are already added to the page if you do not wish to use them please click the blue active text and they will no longer appear in your registration form. You can also change the order in which the fields are listed using the up and down arrows

add, edit and delete registration fields

Step 2: To add a field pleas click the “Add a field chevron”


Registration fields form

Step 3: Insert the name of the registration field


Step 4: Select the type of field required from the drop down menu.


Step 5: Here you can add a default value if nothing is selected by those registering.


Step 6: If you have selected a field with options for example “select or checkbox” you can input the options here. Note – please create each option on a new line.


Step 7: Select the page of the registration form that the field will appear. Note – you can have multiple pages in your registration page if you have a lot of fields.


Registration form 3

Step 8: Select the tickets the field applies to if you wish this field to only apply to certain registration tickets types.


Step 9: Here you can select whether the field can be edited once the delegate has registered and logs back in to update their details.


Step 10: Select whether you want this field to be asked of every delegate in a group booking or just the main contact answers this question for the entire group.


Step 11:< Click save.

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