Event Set Up - Event Set Up

Setting Up Registration Types

You will need to set up at least one ticket type per event even if the event is free


Step 1:

Click submit on the setting up event page and you will be taken to the setting up tickets page.


Step 2:

The following screen will appear.


Event Registration Types


Step 3:

Select your event. This will be in the drop down menu.


Step 4:

Insert the name of the ticket e.g. Delegate.


Step 5:

Insert the fee for this ticket type. Note – please leave at 0.00 if this is a free event


Step 6:

Tick the box if you wish the price on application.


Step 7:

Select when you want this ticket to be available from and when it finishes. This is useful if you have staggered payment amounts. e.g. Early Bird and Late Bird.


Step 8:

What size group can book this ticket? Select 1 if you do not want group bookings.


Step 9:

You can select per delegate or fixed price per group.


Setting up registration types with pricing

Step 10:

Do you wish the ticket cost to be visible in the booking form tick the box for the price to be shown? If yes, please tick the box.


Step 11

If you have limited tickets for your event, please insert the number available here. If there is unlimited tickets, please insert 10000.


Step 12:

You can amend the booking confirmation email that is received when delegates have registered here. This box will be pre-populated with an auto-confirmation email.


Step 13:

Select if the booking confirmation email will have the banner used in the registration page as a header.


Step 14:

Click Save – And you will be given the option to add additional tickets.


Event Registration Types

Step 15:

Once you have added your tickets please click continue.

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