Event Set Up - Event Set Up

Setting Up Your Payment Details

If you charging for the event it is simple to enter invoice and payment details.


Step 1: This information will appear on invoices that the system automatically produces. Make sure this is correct or you could be in breach of tax laws.


Payment Screen 1


Step 2: Select the methods of payment you are willing to accept.


Step 3: If you are accepting bank transfers then make sure you correctly state your bank details.


Step 4: If you are accepting cheques, please state the account name here for people to make their cheques out to.


Step 5: If there is any other information you require on the invoice, then please include it here. e.g. Company name is acting as an agent for Fictional Event 2015.


Step 6: Input your company name, address and telephone number to appear on all invoices.


Payment screen 2

Step 7: If you have a VAT number please ensure this is included. Also select the rate of VAT that should be applied to your event fees.


Step 8: Click submit and this information is saved.

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