Comms Centre - Invite Tool

Upload a List

Once you have created your list you now need to upload it in to the invite tool.


Step 1: Click on the lists yellow lozenge


Step 2: Click on create list


Step 3: Type in the name of the list. Date stamps are useful at this stage


Step 4: Chose your .csv file that you want to upload. If you need help creating your .csv file then follow the instructions here.


Step 5: Click submit


Step 6: Data mapping – this is where you link up the columns to the fields on Ya Ya Regie. This is very important so make sure that your information is uploaded created


Step 7: Click import user data


Step 8: Check your list – if it is a small list this is easy to do. You can add or delete people from your list at this stage


Step 9: Click on invitation activity to go back to the dashboard

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