1. Go in to the comms centre



2. Click invite potential delegates


 3. Click on your event invite template and press Choose Recipients




4. Click either:
* Upload a list
* Add Individuals

Upload a list

1. Create an excel file in the sample .csv file that will be sent to you 
2. Name the upload e.g. Delegate list 20 04
3. Choose the file from your documents
4. Click Save



5. Match the rows up to the data in the file and click Import User Data

6. See the preview of the email and ensure the delegate list name is correct and then press Send



7. You will then be left with a list of names that have been sent



Inviting Individuals

1. Click on Add Individuals

2. Fill in the form with the details you know and click submit


3. Ensure the guest has then be selected on the chose user screen and press continue

4. Ensure the email is correct and the right person is being emailed and then press send