Send a reminder to your delegates to confirm they are registered for you event.

Go into the ya-yaregie admin area

1.Click the Comms tab

2. Select 'Send a SMS' tab

3.  Type in your remider text

4.  Then select send.

There you go all your delegates will receive a reminder email.

NB:  Remember when setting up your event we reccomend making the mobile field manadtory to ensure you SMS all delegates.

To buy credits at a cost of £25 for a bundle of 500 please click here


 2. Click on SMS Messages

3. You will now see a dashboard which shows how many credits you have remaining

4. Make sure you are in the event you want to send SMS messages for and click Create SMS Message

5. Input:
         From Name: Must be no more than 11 characters long
         Message: Input through message. This can be no longer than 164 characters long
         And the click Save

6. You will then be greeted by a screen with everyone who has provided their mobile numbers who have registered. You cannot message anyone that has not registered for your event. Press select next to the person you want to text message. Or press select all if you want to message everyone who has registered.

7. Once you are happy with the people who are selected, press continue

8. Check the sender, recipient and message are correct and then press Send

9. If successful, you will now see this message