If you are using 1 to 1 Networking on its own then you will need to upload you delegates to the system please follow these easy steps.


Step 1: Create a .csv file in excel and save your delegates first name, last name, email (essential), organisation and Country. Then save the file as a .csv file on to your computer.


partnering csv screen


Step 2: Click Registrations then people function


Step 3: Then click the ‘Upload delegates’ as seen below:


Delegete Booking screen


Step 4: Select the Event you wish to assign the delegates from the drop down menu.


upload bookings


Step 5: Choose the fee schedule (Ticket Type) for your event that these delegates are registered for.


Step 6: Click the browse button find the .csv file you created above and click the submit button.


Step 7: Match your data fields to the map data information requested and click Import User Data.


Data Mapping Screen

Step 8 :  In the people screen select the people you have uploaded and then select 'CHANGE STATUS' change to booked.  It the next screen it will ask if your want to send confirmation.  Select yes an networking instruction email will be sent to all


Step 9: A screen will appear and confirm the upload has been successful.

If any of your delegates are unsuccessful the system will give you a reason why e.g. duplicate delegate or no telephone etc. Go and edit the .csv file for those delegates and re-upload.